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2019 Schedule

Our schedule for the first half of 2019 is listed below with a brief outline of each session. The meetups will have dates confirmed closer to the time. Particular details of the meetup will accompany the evening announcement on MeetUp. Please sign up for the meetup group for regular updates.

January, 28th

AI 1: Machine Learning & AI on AWS Introductions

We will be taking a high level look at all the service on AWS that enable the use of machine learning and AI. We will be discussing the various applications and use cases of the service that will include AWS SageMaker for pattern recognition, Comprehend and Rekognition for textual and visual pattern recognition.

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This session will also include an exclusive look at the new re:invent 2018 announced AWS DeepRacer (yes we have our hands on one!) that uses AI Reinforcement Learning to become an automated car capable of driving itself round a track. Details on how you can get involved and potentially take part in the AWS DeepRacer league.


AI 2: Textual Analysis with AWS Comprehend

Deep Dive workshop into AWS Comprehend. More details to follow closer to the time.


AI 3: Image Analysis with AWS Rekognition

Deep Dive workshop into AWS Rekognition. More details to follow closer to the time.


Creating an AWS user group in Gibraltar was always going to be a challenge due to its small size. The number of people engaged in using AWS here on the rock is low especially in comparison to some of the larger user group jurisdictions around the globe. Also, Gibraltar is very heavy with sectors such as finance and law; the technology sector lags behind these by some distance. Rather than see this as an obstacle, we saw it as an opportunity and thanks to a small core set of AWS enthusiasts we have an AWS user group up and running here in Gibraltar.

Initial we couldn't rely on drawing out regular speakers from tech companies as a lot of the worldwide user groups do, the volume of tech companies using AWS and employees engaged with AWS willing to get involved is limited here in Gibraltar. We, therefore, decided on a slightly different approach and one in which we would hope to encourage and provide a friendly forum for new users to AWS and engage those who are more experienced. Our meetings tend to be more conversational with a selected theme that encourages technical discussion. We like to get the laptops out and have a play during these conversations if relevant. To help these conversations along and promote engagement we have embarked on a couple of open source projects that we hope to hack out over time with the aim of providing hands-on experience using and developing with AWS technologies.


In the short time we have been up and running we have managed to get together on a regular basis. The meetup is an informal affair where we ordinarily enjoy a few drinks and converse on the selected topic of the night. We also discuss and progress the open source projects we are currently working. Its an excellent opportunity for new people to AWS to come along and ask questions or for the more experienced to help others, technically challenge each other, swap notes and share ideas or meet like-minded people. Whatever the level from total beginner to expert you are always more than welcome to drop by one evening. For more on the nights visit the meetup page here.

AWS User Groups

AWS User Group Gibraltar is part of a large family of AWS dedicated user groups from all around the world. The extensive network of user groups is now numbering over 300 and gather on a regular basis to engage with all kinds of people involved with AWS or looking to start out with AWS to answer questions, share ideas, and learn about new services and best practices.

More information about this growing dynamic community can be found on the AWS User Group homepage.


We are currently kicking off our first open source collaborative project 'hashtag Gibraltar'. We wanted to embark on a project with a focus on learning and providing entry-level examples of some principle AWS services. This as well as creating something that would be relevant to the context of Gibraltar. The group came up with the idea of a Gibraltar based twitter monitor for Gibraltar.

The project is just getting underway, and we hope to post more about that here in the coming months.

All our projects will be made available on GitHub; please feel free to contribute!

You can find us @ GitHub.


The best way to contact us is through the Meetup hoempage by direct message or post on the message boards. Alternatively, you can drop by on one of the meetup evenings; it would be great to see you! Either way, if you have an interest in AWS, please do contact us, we would love to hear from you.

We meet almost every month, and you can find out more at the meetup site.

We also tweet now and again, please do follow us!